Preparing for Your Home Inspection in SETX – What You Need To Know

Whether you are buying or selling or needing to assess damage or have an inspection after repairs on residential property, a home inspection is a worthwhile investment! 

For residential inspections, these are some of the areas we inspect to provide you with a home inspection report so you can make informed decisions about pending real estate transactions.

  • All Interior Rooms are checked for water-stained ceilings, adequate insulation, and we will inspect to see if there are sufficient heating vents.
  • In your kitchen area, your sink will be checked for any leaks that may be under your sink; cabinet drawers and doors will also be reviewed for operating properly. We will also inspect your ventillation systems and that they are in working order and have been properly installed
  • In the bathroom, are there leaks under the sink? Do toilets flush properly? Is the showers spraying as it should?  Also, inspections will be made to make sure tubs are securely attached.
  • Water pressure is checked along with the water temperature. Drains are checked to make sure they flow properly.
  • Window and doors are inspected for caulk that may be peeling, frames that be rotting, and glass that may be damaged.
  • When inspecting your structure, we check for Foundation integrity, out-of-plumb windows and door frames
  • The exterior of the homeis inspected for rot and cracks in wood, stucco or other material; if the exterior has been painted, we check for peeling, flaking or blistering paint;  if there is vinyl, checks are done for dents and bowing.
  • The roof is inspected for defects in flashing, fascia and shingles. Gutters are inspected to make sure they are hanging proeprly and are not loose.  Chimneys and skylights are also checked for defects.
  • Electrical panels are checked to make sure they are proper; all light switches and electrical outlets are checked to make sure they are in proper working order
  • The grounds are inspected for standing water, trees and shrubs that may be weakened or dying, crumbling paths and walls

Need to schedule a home inspection in southeast Texas? Here are some things you can do to help you prepare for your home inspection:

  • Have information about the square footage, age, type of home, when calling to schedule your home inspection.
  • Make a list of any special concerns you may have and communicate these to our home inspector
  • A residential home inspection is typlically 3 to 4 hours so please allow adequate time for your appointment
  • Home inspection fee are to be paid in full by the end of your scheduled appointment for your home inspection.